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ED-120 Isolated Serial Interface Module:

Ground Loops and different Ground Planes, between different types of equipment, may cause a lot of problems in a wide ranges of applications.

The ED-120 Isolated Serial Interface Module is designed to solve some of these problems.

The primary purpose of the Module is to electrically separate devices,- e.g. a Data Logging System and a Serial Controlled Radio Transmitter.

The ED-120 Module features a Power Output with a 1 Ampere Fuse and LED Indication.

This Output provides a more compact and secure System Design.

No external Components are necessary to Supply a connected Modem or Radio Transmitter.

This Module provides an Isolated Electrical Serial Line between to types of Equipment regardless of the two Systems Ground or Main Supply Voltages and Electrical Potentials.

The heart of the ED-120 Module is a High Speed Optocoupler and a RS232 Transmitter.

The Optocoupler provides an electrical barrier between Input and Output for voltages more than 2000 Volt.

The Input Signal drives the Optocoupler who feed the Input of the RS232 Converter.

This Converter generates a RS232 Signal Output due to the Input Signal but Electrically Isolated from the Input of the ED-120 Module.


  • 2KV barrier between Input and Output
  • LED-indication of Transmission and Power
  • Low Power Consumption
  • 8 to 24VDC Supply Voltage
  • DIN-rail mounting
  • All connections is available at the Front Connector for easy installation
  • 1 Ampere Fused Power Output for connected Modem Supply .
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Data Distribution Systems
  • Aanderaa 3634/3660 Data Logger


Input     Power  
Input type     Input spænding  
Pull-up     Strømforbrug  
fmax     Effektforbrug  

Download datablad: ED-120.pdf