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ED Cup Anemometer: The ED Cup Anemometer has been used worldwide during the last 20 years by meteorological institutes, scientific- and research laboratories, and the Industry for measuring of meteorological data, producing of Wind Atlas, and measuring of produced energy from wind turbines.The Anemometer is designed for a high professional quality, easy to operate, and meets the requirements of different applications. As option the Anemometer can be delivered with a Wind Tunnel calibration report. Two versions of sensor transducer are made to generate the 2-pulse output signal per revolution. The Reed Switch version is very suitable for equipment with a low current consumption, and the opto version is used for equipment with a wanted low maintenance rate. With a body of painted brass, the carbon 3-cup rotor for more than 80m/s, and the ball bearings and shaft of stainless steel, the Anemometer is very suitable for environment with salinity, high wind speeds and wide temperature range.


Measuring Range 0 - >80 m/s   Operating Temp. -40 to +70°C
Threshold Speed < 0.2 m/s      
Distance Constant 2 m   Mechanical Specs.  
Linearity <0.05 m/s above 2 m/s   Height 295mm
Wind Speed Formular U = A*F+B (m/s)   Diameter of Cup 190mm
  A = 0.6298 (2 Puls/rev)   Weight 1.2 Kg
  B = 0.142   Mounting Hole Ø 25mm
  F = Output Frequency      
      Accessories incl. Lemo triaxial plug
Sensor Transducer Reed 2 puls/rev      
ED-260 Opto 2 puls/rev   Materials Body of brass, primed and painted
ED-260-I 2-tråds lineær signal, 4-20mA      
ED-261 Opto 2 puls/rev, low power      

Download datablad: ED Cup Anemometer.pdf (size: 242KB)

Download datablad: ED I-Cup Anemometer.pdf (size: 243KB)