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ED Wind Direction Sensor High Windspeed Cos/Sin 4KHz:

The ED-Wind Direction Sensor cos/sin 4KHz is a counter-balanced and low-threshold wind vane with a cos/sin output voltage, proportional to the angle of the vane. The signal transducer is a brushless resolver with an effective angle of 360°, a resolution better than 0.1°, and an electric error better than +/- 10 minutes.

This type of wind direction sensor is used worldwide at wind farms, airports and meteorological stations

The body is made of painted brass, and the vane of anodized aluminium, very suitable for environment with salinity, high wind speeds and wide temperature range.


Measuring Range 0-360°deg.M   Operating Temp. -40°C - +70°C

at windspeed

      Mechanical Specs.  
Threshold speed 0,5m/s   Height 355mm
      Rotating Diam. of Vane 350mm
Resolution <0,1°deg.M   Weight 1,4Kg
      Mounting Hole Ø25mm
Distance Constant 1 m      
      Accessories incl. Lemo 5pin plug
Sensor Transducer Cos/Sin 4Khz Resolver      
      Materials Body of brass, primed and painted

Download datablad:  ED Vindretningssensor.pdf (size: 64KB) Download manual: