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Off-shore Weather Station for Danish Electricity Supply Utility

Off-shore Weather Station for Danish Electricity Supply Utility 

For the Horns Rev 2 Project, the worlds largest offshore Wind Farm, ED Service-Center has delivered a Weather Station, mounted at the top of the Transformer Station, installed 30 km west of Blåvandshug.

The Weather Station has a DT80 Datalogger for collecting and storing of data, delivered from 1 Cupanemometer, 1 Analogue Wind Direction Sensor, 2 Air Temperature Sensors, 2 Relative Humidity Sensors, 2 Barometric Pressure Sensors and 1 Ultrasonic Wind Sensor for wind speed and direction. The data is generated as average, max and min, gust and standard deviation values and transmitted as Modbus data to a common SCADA system.

All sensors are installed at a 4 m alu-mast with a tipping mountings for easy maintenance.

Location: Horns Rev 2 Wind Farm, Denmark
System: ED, Data Electronics, Vaisala
Sensors: Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Air Temperature, Barometric Pressure
Data Handling: On-line from Datalogger to SCADA System