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NRG-Now Systems for UNDP Philippines

NRG-Now Systems for UNDP Philippines 

For United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), three 50m XHD SymphoniePlus NRG-NOW Systems had been delivered, inclusive of five Install Kits for the TallTower Masts. Also Ipack Kits for GSM have beenincluded together with spare sensors and Arrowhead anchors.

The delivery has been made as "Free surface Shipment" from NRG - USA and to Port Manila.
UNDP has arranged all inland transportation and installation of the equipment.


Location: UNDP, Philippines
System: 50m XHD SymphoniePlus NRG-NOW System
Sensors: Wind Speed and Direction, Air Temperature
Data Handling: Symphonie Data Retriever Software
Photo: NRG Systems