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NRG Weather Station for Swaziland -1

NRG Weather Station for Swaziland - 2NRG Weather Station for Swaziland 

For wind and solar measuring along the Tikhuba site a 50m XHD Talltower System has been delivered and installed for Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy & Swaziland Meteorological Service. The measuring system consist of a 15 channel SymphoniePlus Datalogger together with a GSM GPRS Ipack, mounted into a weather proof cabinet for data sampling and transfer to the local GSM network. The system is solar powered and has 6 calibrated Anemometers, 2 Wind Direction Sensors, 1 Temperature Sensor, 1 Barometric Pressure Sensor and 2 Pyranometers for measuring of the weather parameters.
For diffuse radiation measurement a Kipp & Zonen Shadow Ring is installed along the mast. The erection of the 50m Mast was made by a well function Hydraulic Winch system from NRG including a Honda gasoline engine and Ginpole. This equipment together with the local technicians made a successful and safe installation of the tower.

At top of mast a battery powered LED Obstruction Light was mounted for 24 hours of operation. The 12V accumulatorfor the top light has a capacity of 150 hours of operation and is connected through a battery charger to the local 220V AC network. Lightning protection was established with an extra mast and ground wiring due to high lightning intensity in this area. 

Location: Tikhuba, Swaziland, Africa
System: NRG 50m XHD SymphoniePlus Now System, Licor, Kipp & Zonen, Dialight
Sensors: Wind Speed, Wind direction, Air Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Solar Radiation
Data Handling: Symphonie Data Retriever Software