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ED Automatic Vacuum Extraction System for Soil Gas Measurements - Water stop filterAutomatic Vacuum Extraction System for Soil Gas Measurements


A measurement system, in Danish called "EDSC Poreluftudtager", is a new way to improve the quality of taken soil gas samples, inclusive of documentation for the flow rate and volume, time of vacuum pumping and regulation. This system, installed into a Waterproof Cabinet, consists of a Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Meter, Mass Flow Meter, high-precise Control Valve and a Datalogger, all powered by a 12V accumulator for at least 8 hours of field operation before re-charging. The measurement system has a setup of wanted volume and flow rate for the soil gas, and should stop automatically, when preset values is obtained. All data around vacuum and flow rate are logged into a Datalogger for later transfer, analyzing and documentation of the total measurement.


Location: Denmark
System: ED
Sensors: Water stop filter Data Handling: HOBOware Pro Software and user defined analyzing software.
Link to Datasheet in Danish: EDSC Poreluftudtager datasheet (pdf.fil)