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Offshore Measurements from Wake Masts 

From two 70m Mast, marked M6 and M7, continued measurements of weather parameters has been transmitted by Radio Modems to a Service Platform and then online to PC onshore.
At each mast 8 Cup Anemometers, 2 Wind Direction Sensors, 2 Air Temperature Sensors, 1 Water Temperature Sensor and 1 Barometric Sensor are connected through interface modules to a DT800 Datalogger.
Also Solar Power Panels are monitored within charge, discharge and voltage for the accumulators. The two measurement systems have been continuously working since the installation 2003.
See also http://test7.scancommerce.dk/hornsrev/



Location: Horns Rev, Denmark
Engineering: Dong Energy
System: ED, Data Electronics, Phoenix
Sensors: Wind Speed, Wind direction, Temperature, Barometric Pressure
Data Handling: on-line from Datalogger by Radio Modem.