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Fisherman Project at Cab VerdeFisherman Project at Cab Verde


For Nordic Development Fund we have delivered a complete automatic Weather Station for measure of wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, relative humidity, sunshine and rain. A 3660 Datalogger, mounted in a cabinet and with a 10m mast upon that, should record and store all data from sensors into a 2990 Data Storing Unit.Later on the stored data could be read-out by a 2995 DSU-Reader and into a PC with a 5059 Data Reading Program installed. Also a 3315 Handheld Display Unit together with an Inline Doppler Current Sensor was delivered for off-shore measurement from small boats.

(Remark: Picture showing 2700 Automatic Weather Station, placed at Antarctic)


Location: Cap Verde
System: Aanderaa Data Instruments, ED
Sensors: Wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, humidity, sunshine, rain, water current, water
Data Handling: off-line through 5059 program and PC