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Off-shore Weather Stations for Electricity Supply Utilities -1Off-shore Weather Stations for Electricity Supply UtilitiesOff-shore Weather Stations for Electricity Supply Utilities -2


For measurement of weather conditions before installing of wind turbines at 2 sites off-shore, automatic weather stations have been delivered to measure wind speed, direction, air and water temperature, relative humidity, rain, barometric pressure and solar radiation.
A datalogger together with a Memory/Modem manager has the collection, calculation and storing of data off-shore. A GSM line transmit the data to a PC on-shore, and ED DAQ software has the handling of sensor coefficients, presentation and storing of data into engineering units.

Location: Ls Syd and Horns Rev, Denmark
System: ED, Data Electronics, Aanderaa Instruments, Vaisala, Li-Cor, Siemens
Sensors: Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Air/Water Temperature, Relative Humidity, Rain, Barometric Pressure, Solar Radiation.
Data Handling: PC with ED DAQ software