ED Service-Center

Elektronik - Meteorologi - Oceanografi - Miljø - Energi - Procesteknik

Forest and Landscape Monitoring -1Forest and Landscape Monitoring -2Forest and Landscape Monitoring 

For a daily measurement of wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, humidity, solar radiation and rain, 1 system with a 10m mast has been delivered for monitoring weather parameters into an open landscape.

Another system with a 4m mast has been placed into a forest, close to the first system. Both system are solar panel powered with NRG Symphonie Datalogger and iPack as data collector and transmitter by GSM to the Receiver.

All collected data is transmitted once a day as e-mail. An ED-Cup Anemometer with NRG interface has been delivered for the most precise measurement of wind speed. 

Location: Als - Denmark
System: NRG, Vaisala, Licor, ED
Sensors: Wind speed, Direction, Temperature, Humidity, Solar, Rain
Data Handling: On-line by GSM and e-mail